About Sanyu

       Since its setup in 2004, Shenzhen Sanyu Printing Co., Ltd. has been actively engaged in the R&D, planning, design, production and distribution for wine, tobacco, food and many other products.

       Sanyu is located in Shenzhen Songshi River side and occupying an area of 40 acres with total building area 50,000 m2. Sanyu has total investment USD 50 million and employees 800 people. Sanyu Industrial Park, since its completion and commissioning, has been further reinforcing its capacity and competence in design, R&D and production.

       Early in 2011, Sanyu imported the cutting-edge equipments from Germany, including Heidelberg CX102-7 L, CX102-6 L UV printing press, Heidelberg CTP, high-precision MK die cutting and stamping machines, fully-automatic screen printing machines, high-speed laminating machines, automatic embossing UV laser light beam machines, automatic high precision mounted on card, mounted machine pits, laser gold and silver card, high-speed laminating machine and other equipments. Sanyu succeeded in meeting customers' printing and packaging requirements through the advanced and sophisticated printing and packaging technologies and hardware platforms.

       Sanyu provides customers with convenient services through its widespread distribution network and customer service system, and responds swiftly to customer's demands for various exquisite packaging. As a supplier compliant with ISO9000/ ISO14000 systems and the FSC system, Sanyu sees its job as revitalizing China's printing and packaging industry, pursues professional management, strong teamwork and uninterrupted innovations, and joins hands with friends from every industry to build a world-class enterprise of brand design, R&D, printing and packaging. 

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